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What is Mathematical Science??
Mathematics is the study of measurements, forms, patterns, variability and change. It has evolved from human efforts to understand the natural world. Its roots go far back in prehistory, but an unbroken chain of development has continued for more than two thousand years since the Greek civilization at the time of Euclid . The end of this chain, modern mathematical sciences, is in its own right a supreme creation of the human intellect; it is also critical for economic competitiveness, and is a basis for investigations in many fields.

Over the course of time, mathematical sciences have developed a rich and intrinsic culture that feeds back into the natural sciences and technology. The discipline now reaches far beyond the physical sciences and engineering; it reaches into medicine, commerce, industry, the life sciences, the social sciences, and every other application that needs quantitative analysis. Its influence has been vastly enlarged by modern computers. Computer use in problem solving, simulation and decision making relies on powerful computational algorithms derived from new mathematical developments.


Mathematical Science in IIUM!!

The Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (BMathSc) programme has a minor critical component in Islamic Revealed Knowledge in addition to the core Mathematical Sciences subjects. The goal is to generate responsible mathematical scientists who would contribute to nation-building and be the pride of the Ummah .

The degree programme in Mathematical Sciences is aimed at developing versatile graduates who are able to think critically and creatively in order to analyse situations, organise information and devise solutions to complex problems at the workplace.

Students may opt to concentrate on one of the following six areas: 

~ Computational Mathematics~

~Financial Mathematics~

~Operational Research~



~Pure Mathematics~



The Mathematical Sciences degree is a versatile qualification. The programme does not train students for specific jobs. Rather, it teaches a wide range of skills that employers value. These include clear and logical thinking, problem-solving skills and analytical and organisational abilities. Accounting and actuarial firms, for instance, do not always take in recruits according to degree specifications, but on the strength of qualities such as those mentioned above. Mathematics graduates are sought after by organisations requiring personnel, who can solve complex problems, design efficient systems or set up mathematical models for application in such activities as weather and share market forecasting.

At the workplace, mathematical sciences graduates are employed as educationists, computer professionals, managers/consultants, finance professionals, statisticians and administrators. The mathematical skills considered important by employers are computational mathematics, mathematical modeling, optimization, statistics and analysis.


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