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International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) ~ a Brief Introduction..~


There is absolutely no other Islamic University in the world like the IIUM. It is the only Islamic university which uses English as its medium of instruction and administration since its inception. It blends in a creative and harmonious fashion the modern and professional disciplines with traditional values and moral virtues. Its female students population is more than the male and students come from more than 90 countries. Right from its inception, IIUM has spared no effort to ensure that it provides the best tertiary education possible in all branches of knowledge. It scours the entire world in its recruitment exercises, for it would employ the most accomplished scholars for its academic departments and appoint committed professionals to run its administration. Its state-of-the-art facilities—physical and otherwise—are the envy of other institutions. And its graduates are among the most sought-after by employers looking for knowledgeable and skilful professionals who, in addition, are committed to moral and ethical values.

IIUM is a dream come true for the whole Muslim world by unifying reason with revelation, science with religion and ethics with professional courses. This is a place where great leaders of the future are being nurtured and trained. Besides it excides the spirit of optimism and moderation. Its establishment in 1983 was the fulfilment of one of the major aspirations of the contemporary global Muslim community to regain the Ummah's leadership in the quest for knowledge. This yearning of the Ummah is a key element in IIUM's vision statement:

"To be an international centre of educational excellence which integrates Islamic revealed knowledge and values in all disciplines and which aspires to the restoration of the Ummah's leading role in all branches of knowledge."

IIUM operates under the direction of a Board of Governors with representatives from the eight sponsoring governments and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). It maintains links with governments and institutions all over the world, such as the League of Islamic Universities, the International Association of Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. It is also affiliated with several Malaysian-based businesses that provide opportunities for students to gain practical work experience.



Currently, IIUM is home to 15,000 students and 3,000 teaching and administrative staff members. Many of the students and members of the academic staff are expatriate. The faculties (Arabic: Kulliyyahs) are as follows: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Allied Health Science, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Architecture and Enronmental Design, Faculty of of Information and Communication Technology, Ahmad Ibrahim Faculty of Laws and Faculty of Islamic Revealed Knowledge.

The university's physical facilities are located at three sprawling campuses and Matriculation Centre. This is a far cry from its humble beginnings in 1983 when it operated from temporary quarters with 153 students and a handful of lecturers and administrators.

Graduates from IIUM are admired for their diligence and abilities not only in the organisations they work, but also in universities throughout the world where they have gone for further studies. This is, without doubt, one of the results of IIUM's rigorous commitment to its mission, which is:

"To revive and revitalise the Islamic concepts and traditions of learning, which regard the quest for knowledge as an act of worship and the spirit of science as emanating from the holy Quran. The university endeavours to introduce a unified teaching and learning process along with the inculcation of moral and spiritual values through Integration, Islamisation,
Internationalisation and Comprehensive Excellence (IIICE)."

IIUM offers a wide range of academic programmes geared towards both skill-building and scholastic attainments and designed in accordance with IIUM's philosophy, which is built upon the belief that knowledge must be pursued and propagated in the spirit of tawhid, as an act of worship, in full recognition that it is a trust which Allah has placed upon mankind.

Malaysian graduates of IIUM have performed admirably in both the public and private sectors. This is no doubt due to their high academic achievements, language skills, and international exposure. Since 1987 IIUM has been producing about 3,000 graduates annually. IIUM is truly unique if you're looking for the right balance between worldly progress and moral wellbeing. It provides the real foundation for a wholesome, peaceful, multicultural, multireligion and forward-looking humanistics civilisation.

For further information about my university, visit IIUM website