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~Kulliyyah of Science...~


The Kulliyyah of Science, began its operations in the year 2002. It offers studies in various pure and applied branches of the natural sciences.

The Kulliyyah of Science will share with other kulliyyahs, one of the most tastefully designed academic campuses in the world. The architecture of IIUM’s campus is inspired by both Islamic traditions and modern ideas of utility. The campus it occupies lie within a forested area that is every nature lover’s dream.


Presently, there are three departments :

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Biomedical Science
  • Department of Computational and Theoretical Sciences

In the second phase of its development, two more departments will be established, namely :

  • Department of Physical Sciences
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies


The kulliyyah has the most up-to-date and comprehensive facilities and equipment to cater to students' needs. The resource centre, laboratories and workshop are tailored for all its different requirements with advanced and specialised instruments to aid the learning process.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Mathematical Science

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Postgraduate Programmes
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Health Science

This world is a difficult journey, An obstacle to overcome,
Especially in the place we live in, Not everyday is bright and fun.
The righteous salaf were as fearful of their good deeds being squandered, or not being accepted,
as the present generation is certain that their neglect would be forgiven.  
[Hasan Al-Basri]